Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guy Negre and MDI Air Car
Shiva Vancat is vice president of MDI and represented Mr. Guy Negre, the CEO and founder of the France-based MDI group, the inventor of a break through compressed air vehicle technology.

Mr. Negre is an aeronautics and automotive and engineer who began his quest to make an eco-friendly engine that ran on compressed air in 1993. He currently has several protypes of the compressed air vehicle operating and is poised to roll out the manufacturing of the vehicle worldwide. The vehicle will achieve a 100 miles per gallon equivalent, cost less than $20,000 for a six-seater with a maximum speed of 90 mph. What’s more, it will emit practically zero pollution.

But the technology has applications beyond vehicles, one as a power generating source and another in agriculture as an alternative to ethyl bromide, a chemical banned by the UN b/c of it’s effect on global warming.

Negre has also devised a radical new way of manufacturing and shipping: Instead of building a gigantic plant in China, Malaysia or Brazil, costing one billion dollars that manufactures 250,000 cars annually, and then ships them to dealers around the world, he devised a far greener, planet friendly concept of small manufacturer/dealer plants that produce 4 – 8000 vehicles a year and serve local markets.

With this concept, Mr. Negre has achieved several goals:
1) To introduce this technology on a global level without a billion dollar investment
2) To reduce the CO2 footprint on the shipment of the vehicles from production to market
3) To reduce the MSRP on vehicles by over 30% from the savings on the transportation and dealership costs.